Strategic and committed leader with in depth knowledge of the fashion, sportswear, leather goods and accessories industry.

Business minded, goal and result oriented with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Experience with all segments from fast retail, e-commerce to premium and luxury brands.

Very well equipped to face challenges head on, which are encountered by brands in growth phase, startups and reorganizations.

Wide network of global contacts through working with brands including Hugo Boss, Karl Lagerfeld, By Malene Birger, for over 20 years.



Macro-managerial leadership, motivating teams to challenge themselves to an optimal performance.

Business unit management, strategy planning, execution and reporting.

Ensuring financial targets are met through budget plans, forecasting and effective cost management.

Introduction of processes to increase efficiency for each division in the product chain.

Aligning goals, increasing collaboration and best practice between stakeholders in key departments.

Being respectful of Brand DNA and company culture in change management and organizational processes.



Strategic sourcing, design, merchandising, product/brand management, development & production, quality management, supply chain.

Establishing and strengthening key (vendor) relationships through a sound long term strategy, while adapting to current circumstances. Business development.

Developing and improving Quick To Market strategies through analysing and shortening lead times in all areas of the product lifecycle.

Implementing a creative and commercial balance in range plan and price structure geared to achieving KPI targets, emphasis on gross margin targets.

Ensuring sound practices in CSR and Sustainability.