Director: Deepa Hingorani



Over 25 years of experience in executive management roles, as a strategic leader of product divisions for global brands such as Karl Lagerfeld and Hugo Boss.

Responsibilities included the entire cycle from strategy, concept, product architecture, costing & margins, sourcing, development, production, supply chain, CSR & quality management, to delivery and after sales.

Wide experience and knowledge  of best practice in leadership, operations, digitisation, product &  sourcing strategies, sustainability and communications.

Graduated in Design, Pattern making and Tailoring, an Alumni of Business Sustainability Leadership at Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership (CISL), Managerial Finance at London School of Economics & Political Science, Entrepreneurship at London Business School, a certificate in Circular Economy from Lund University, with a degree in Digital Strategy & Planning from the  Digital Marketing Institute.

Obviously I love studying!


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